Welcome to the LE CASE DI DORRIE website!

We are specialised in assisting foreigners in buying properties in the countryside or small hill-top villages of Central Italy, mainly in Umbria, but also in Tuscany, Lazio and the Marche.

My name is Dorrie Seijffert and I am the owner of the agency. I am Dutch and have been living in Italy since 1981. I have been a free-lance conference interpreter for over 20 years and worked mainly for the European Union in Brussels, but also in the Netherlands and Italy.

It is easy to see why people would like to settle down in such beautiful countryside. People are stressed out living and working in the crowded cities all their lives. Their families and kids have to face the strain of commuting to schools and they are under constant pressure of air pollution, noise pollution and other aspects of urban lives. People face many health issues due to this complex life in the cities. One aspect that many people do not realize is that their eyesight and hearing are also getting affected by the constant use of the latest electronic devices. Tinnitus is more common than we realize.

People feel the constant disturbance in their ears and run from pillar to post spending money on tests and specialists. Some people also go to psychiatrists to find a cure thinking that it is a mental disorder. Anyway, now there is a great cure for this problem. This is called Calminax and can be used as a natural remedy for tinnitus and other hearing-related issues. This is created using some of the most potent herbs and micronutrients. This supplement helps to improve the nerves and internal muscles and helps to improve the hearing. The problem associated with tinnitus can be easily overcome by using this safe supplement according to the given instructions.

Anyway, if you are fortunate enough not to suffer from any health issues, even then it does make sense to move to the countryside and provide a great natural and pollution free place to your family where you all can have a stress-free life.

I speak fluent Dutch, Italian, English, French and good German and Spanish. Now that I have an Italian family I want to travel less and founded La Porta Verde, (holidays and properties in Umbria) with Graham and Lin Lane. But I noticed very soon that not being qualified we found ourselves working with local agents who didn’t do their job properly, causing us and our clients many problems.

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