Properties and Holidays in Umbria

Ref. PJ308
Castello di Monte Sperello

This outstanding property sits on the top of a hill just outside Perugia close to Lake Trasimeno. It comprises three main buildings set within the walls of the castle and a substantial amount of land. Although a little tired and in need of restoration it offers a wonderful opportunity to return it to its former glory and create a wonderful home, hotel or conference centre.

This natural setting provides the property with a calm and serene environment. People would love to settle down here or visit with their families and enjoy the peaceful abundance of nature. Nature can cure any kind of sickness – whether it is physical or related to mind. We all know that our ancestors knew that nature had remedies for all kinds of ailments.

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We can see that the natural medicines and supplements have an upper hand in people’s wellness and these do not even have any side effects. Everyone may not have the means to live in the lap of nature. But if you have the monetary provision then there is nothing better than creating your home surrounded by the most peaceful and pollution free wonderful countryside.

Coming back to the property on sale,

The entrance comprises three gates, one for vehicles which winds around the castle walls, one for those on foot and a third for services. Several rooms have glorious frescoes. There is a wonderful terrace with glorious views over the surrounding countryside, an orangery with a classic Italian garden, a viewing tower and many, many other interesting features as can be seen in the photographs below.

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