Closing La Porta Verde

We have both now reached retirement age and have decided that it is time to close La Porta Verde. We have been in business for over 12 years, helping hundreds of people realise their dream of buying a property in Umbria, many of which have become close friends. We have also enjoyed working with the many estate agents, notaries, and tradesmen along the way. Thank you one and all.

This area is well known for its natural beauty and pollution free environment. This helps people to live a stress-free and calm life. Even if you cannot live here forever, as we know that people’s liabilities and their work may be closer to cities and maybe in some other countries and urban areas. But this could always be treated as a holiday home or the second home. While the children are small and do not have the pressure of studies and school work, you can stay here for longer and take advantage of clear and clean air and other bounties of nature.

We know the advantages of living as close to nature as possible. The balance of healthy nutrition and exercise keeps one fit and young for long. We do not have to spend hours in the gym or change our eating habits completely. A balanced diet comprising of fruits, proteins, high fiber grains, and vegetables can help in increasing immunity and improve the health of anyone.

Even if one falls sick or has any health issues then natural supplements are the best alternatives. There are many options that you can explore and browse around here to see and understand whether the supplements suit your lifestyle. These natural supplements help people to improve their health physically and that helps them to have peace of mind. In addition being natural, these remedies do not have any negative effect on the body which is usually caused by chemical drugs. Anyway, we were discussing the merits of living in the countryside.

Edit: We just want to make it clear that it is the property sales and holiday rental part of our service that is closing down. The management and maintenance of holiday homes that we currently have in operation will continue with our current clients for the time being. We will also consider new clients.

As far as the website URL is concerned we will be transferring this over to a new website, which is under construction, and this will be dedicated to our own holiday properties.

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