La Porta Verde

We have both now reached retirement age and have decided that it is time to close La Porta Verde. We have been in business for over 12 years, helping hundreds of people realise their dream of buying a property in Umbria, many of which have become close friends. We have also enjoyed working with the many estate agents, notaries, and tradesmen along the way. Thank you one and all.

This is an important aspect of any website. When you are in the service industry then it is really critical to keep your clients in the loop and inform if there are any changes in the website or your company. It is just like the natural progression of life when we go through the various stages of life and then become old and want to retire. But some companies do not ever retire. Their products are very popular and in demand. The next generation of the family or their representative executives carries on the process.

There are many car manufacturers and heavy machine-industrial companies, watch and jewelry companies that are very reputed and have been successful for generations. Some of the watch companies have been in the chronograph business for more than three generations.  Our ancestors definitely knew about nature and its bounty. Their wisdom came from experience and they knew about the small secrets hidden in the plants and earth. They could extract the pure goodness of plants and then use the same to prepare remedies for different ailments.

This wisdom has been rediscovered by some enterprising people and now the same herbs and plants are being used to create amazing natural supplements. Of course, they use improved and latest technical tools to complete the extraction and manufacturing process. The wisdom and knowledge are being helped by the latest technical research as well. These supplements are amazingly beneficial for the body and you can find out more if you click this site. These are available online and can be easily bought from anywhere in the world.

While we are speaking about the ancient wisdom then let us stress one more point- these supplements are pure extracts of herbs and plants- so these do not leave any harmful or negative impact on the organ system. Somehow with technical development and the different changes in the socio-economic dynamics, we started to ignore the basic ingredients that the older generations used for nourishment and that alone gave rise to many physical ailments. We can see many of these grains, plants and even methods of preparation coming back and being embraced enthusiastically.

However, age is not something that can be reversed. All of us get old with time and old age related tiredness takes over. Everyone has to retire sometime or the other. This website has been up and about for many years and served its purpose in the realm of property sales.

Edit: We just want to make it clear that it is the property sales and holiday rental part of our service that is closing down. The management and maintenance of holiday homes that we currently have in operation will continue with our current clients for the time being. We will also consider new clients.


As far as the website URL is concerned we will be transferring this over to a new website, which is under construction, and this will be dedicated to our own holiday properties.

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