Property in Umbria

We have both now reached retirement age and have decided that it is time to close La Porta Verde. We have been in business for over 12 years, helping hundreds of people realize their dream of buying a property in Umbria, many of which have become close friends. We have also enjoyed working with the many estate agents, notaries, and tradesmen along the way. Thank you one and all.

We have lived and worked in this beautiful area for years. This naturally beautiful countryside has seen many generations of people living here or spending their holidays in the lap of nature. The beauty of nature lies in the magnanimous ways that it provides for sustenance and its generous bounty of resources. We have been in the property business for years and we have seen that everyone invariably looks for a home that is closer to nature and is safe from the harmful effects of pollution- be it, air, water or noise pollution that has pervaded our cities.

One thing that we have noticed in almost all the families is that the kids always love playing in the garden, surrounded by grass and trees and chirping of birds. The houses may be large or small, but people do look for some area where they can grow some vegetables and herbs. The use of herbs and fresh fruits and vegetables is amazingly beneficial and makes our food tastier and nutritious. Though we know this and this is something our ancestors followed conscientiously, but with changes in our lifestyle and technology taking over we have forgotten the ways of our ancestors and given rise to many diseases like obesity and related illnesses.

Nature’s bounty has some remedies that can cure most of the ailments that urban stressful livening has caused. You can hop over to this site to find out more about natural supplements. Nature has the answer to all these problems of the modern times. Researches have time and again emphasized the significance of an active lifestyle. It does not mean simply to go to a gym for a few sessions. It means a holistic way of life and involves a balance between mind and body. This is the only way people can remain healthy and happy. What they need to do is to find the right balance between food and exercise, work and leisure and family; work and life balance also play an important role in this.

Once we understand this delicate balance then we can take care of our body and mind very well. The significance of natural elements in our wellbeing has been around since the human beings came into existence and will never be lost to us. So make use of this age-old wisdom and try to live in areas that are surrounded by nature and are away from pollution and stress. Our endeavor in the past years has been just that.

Edit: We just want to make it clear that it is the property sales and holiday rental part of our service that is closing down. The management and maintenance of holiday homes that we currently have in operation will continue with our current clients for the time being. We will also consider new clients.

As far as the website URL is concerned we will be transferring this over to a new website, which is under construction, and this will be dedicated to our own holiday properties.


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