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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a juliet balcony?
A juliet balcony is a glazed door (or doors) in an upper floor exterior wall with a railing to stop you falling out. Named after Romeo and Juliet of ‘Where for art thou? fame.
The advantage is that the glazed door lets in more light than a simple window and is cheaper to create.

One could also consider installing the double glazed windows or doors at home. The basic advantage of installing double glazed products is that they are energy efficient and provide insulation against temperature. These also help to reduce noise.

If you are still in confusion whether to install single glazed or double glazed products then the best is to compare both of them side by side. You need to compare the benefits that both offer as well as the price.

The double glazed products have been very popular in the cool climates but these are also preferred in the warmer regions.

What exactly is double-glazing?

The windows and doors that use double-glazing consist of panels that have two glass pieces that are bonded together and there is a space in between them. This place in between is sealed hermetically and this is then filled with argon gas.

It is these gas filled panes that are separated that make the difference between the single glazed and the double glazed products. There are also many differences in what the outcome of installing each product and what their benefits are.

There are various advantages of double glazed doors and windows.

Gain and loss of heat

The space that is there between the double glazed products is a thermal barrier between the outside environment and your home. This makes the product a good insulator and it helps to keep the temperature of the room steady. It also helps to insulate from the extreme temperature. The double glazed doors and windows help to keep the house cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months. Click here to read more about it.

Energy efficient

The homes need to use heating and cooling devices which increases spending towards electricity bills. The double glazed doors and windows help to reduce the loss and gain of heat and this helps to reduce the need of using heating and cooling appliances. The energy costs are minimized and thus the double glazed products help in being energy efficient. Also,

Naturally a proper balcony is preferable but in ancient towns not always allowed.

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