Finalizing on a property

We have been in business for over 12 years, helping hundreds of people realise their dream of buying a property in Umbria, many of which have become close friends. We have also enjoyed working with the many estate agents, notaries, and tradesmen along the way. Thank you one and all.

Finalizing on a property is a difficult task, read here more about buying properties. We have always been there to assist you with the same. Make use of our experience and get the best apartment for your needs.

We work with you and for you. We are for real and we have experienced staff that is good at negotiating and talking on your behalf. So you can trust us with your apartment search. We have expertise in most of the neighborhoods as our team is spread almost everywhere. We are someone whom you can trust and we help you with your apartment search in an honest manner. So when looking for an apartment or a property get in touch with us and we will take over the responsibility to get you the real estate property of your dream that will be well within your budget.

If this is the first time that you are dealing with us then we also offer you referrals of our previous customers so that you know how their experience has been with us. You can understand what they liked or disliked about us and then take an informed call. We upfront provide you the contact details of the referrals so that you are sure about us and our expertise. In case of any doubts in your minds, we will take care to answer it all for you.

We have your best interest in our heart and we offer you the right options that fit your lifestyle and your requirements. However, if you need something more or have some individual preferences then you can let us know and we will help you with the apartment search accordingly.

As an agent, we are someone whom you can trust. We listen to you and answer every question that you may have. We also use the latest technology to help you screen the apartments and we work with you to achieve your goal.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we are passionate about what we do and do our work with complete honesty. We show you our brochure and our properties and let you take the decision first. Our aim is to give to you the best deal and we leave no stone unturned to offer to you the best guidance and help.

Our customer service is top notch and we support you all through the journey. We take each of our customers seriously and make sure that they get what they want.


Edit: We just want to make it clear that it is the property sales and holiday rental part of our service that is closing down.

The management and maintenance of holiday homes that we currently have in operation will continue with our current clients for the time being. We will also consider new clients.

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