Read my blog for the factors to consider when choosing your apartment

The apartment that you choose to stay in should match your lifestyle and your budget. Here are a few factors that you should consider when planning to rent or buy an apartment.


The most important thing to consider is whether the price of the apartment falls within your budget. Conduct research to understand what the rates in the neighborhood are. Then budget out whether it is affordable for you to pay that price. Doing your research beforehand will give you a fair idea of the price. However, if you notice that a particular apartment is quoting a very low rate then try to find out the reason for the same.


Quality of construction

The online pictures are for marketing the property and they do look pretty. Do not get tempted by them but make it a point to visit the apartment personally. Look out for seepages and other cosmetic problems. If the problems are basic then those can get fixed but bigger issues mean that it is possible that the owner of the property has not cared for the house well.


It is important that you meet the landlord if you are planning to rent the apartment. If the landlord is one who has bad ethics then you are going to be in a fix. So try to meet him or at least have a chat over the phone. If you are planning to move into an apartment where people are staying then you may want to ask them about their experience.


Consider who your neighbors are. You may want to meet them just to get a fair idea about how they are. This is particularly important if you are moving in with your family.

Check out your neighborhood

Your neighborhood should give you access to your daily needs. Like having a grocery store, a vegetable market, schools and hospitals etc, should be considered. You do not want to go miles just to buy some daily supplies. Also, do an internet search to know about the safety of the locality. This is important before you finalize the deal.

Signing the lease

Before you sign the lease agreement make sure that your lease is looked over by a lawyer. It should be a standard one and have no surprises. You need to also read over the lease agreement to understand that it fits what you want. Some basic things like allowing guests at home, when to pay the rent etc. should be checked in advance.


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